PLEASE NOTE that the EFT Certificate of Completion program is
    administered entirely independently of Gary Craig, although it is
    closely coordinated with his teaching and has his full endorsement.

The EFT Certificate of Completion Program
administered by Pace Educational Systems, Inc.

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This program issues two certificates:

  ●  The Basic EFT Certificate of Completion is available to those who have passed
     the EFT-CC examination based on Gary Craig's foundational series of videos,
     "The EFT Course".
  ●  The Advanced EFT Certificate of Completion is available to those who, after
     passing the exam for the Basic Certificate (EFT-CC), have in addition passed the
     EFT-ADV examination pocket option on Gary Craig's advanced videos, "Steps Toward
     Becoming The Ultimate Therapist". The two exams can be taken together, or one
     after the other at different times.
     The EFT Certificates of Completion provide objective evidence that those earning them have viewed and thoroughly understand the principles taught in Gary Craig's classic EFT video courses.  They do not provide legal "certification" in any country, nor attest to the competence with which the person applies EFT.
 (For a discussion of the distinction between a certificate of completion and legal certification click here).

How The Program Works


EFT Certificates of Completion are based on open-book examinations.
You can take them while you are viewing the videos, or later on if you wish. When you pass these short-answer exams you will:

 ●  Receive a handsome EFT Certificate of Completion to display in your office or home -- one for each examination.


 ●  Be entitled to use the initials "EFT-CC" or "EFT-ADV" after your name depending on which exams you have passed.


 ●  Be listed in Pace Educational Systems' international online directory of EFT practitioners who have earned EFT Certificates of Completion (we link from this list to your professional website if requested).  Note that Dr. Joseph Mercola of (the second largest alternative the world) links to our online list of EFT Certificate of Completion graduates, providing broad exposure to that list.


 ●  If you have earned the Basic Certificate of Completion the designation "EFT Basic Certificate of Completion (EFT-CC)" will appear at the top of your online listing. If you have earned the Advanced Certificate of Completion the designation "EFT Advanced Certificate of Completion (EFT-ADV)" will appear at the top of your online listing, and an asterisk will appear in the accompanying International Name Directory that directs visitors to practitioners by name (see sample listings below).

           (Do NOT contact our Sample Listings for information about
           the Certificate program. If you have questions contact:

           Sample Listing

             Carol Look

Ř Advanced EFT Certificate of Completion



Clinical Social Worker
Doctorate in Hypnosis

  Practice: Carol Look
  Address: 5 East 22nd Street, Suite 23-B, New York, NY 10010
  Phone: 212-477-8645
  Email:  ...My Experience/Procedures...
     Utilizes EFT with Sessions
     Offers EFT Phone Sessions
  Web Site:

(To view other sample listings -
click here)


Those earning our certificates in the past have

 found them extremely useful.  Here are some of

their comments about the process …


"Thanks for grading the test so quickly!"

                    Rev. Valerie R. Hunter (                   


"As a Dutch person I have a little difficulty with English writing…

It was a pleasure to do the exam."

Ed Nissink (


"I am stunned at your efficiency, my EFT-CC Certificate arrived today, all the way to New Zealand, isn't that fast? It looks beautiful."

Diane Counsell   (



If You Fail Your Exam

    If you do not pass your exam on first try, we let you know the sections of  the videos where your mistakes occurred, and give you a chance to review those portions and retake the questions missed.  You can retake sections of an exam as many times as necessary.  Our aim is to have you benefit FULLY from Gary Craig's superb courses — not to try to trick you through the examination process.

The EFT-CC program involves:


l       Administration and evaluation of the EFT examinations.

l      Retesting (if necessary).

l      Issuance of Certificates.

l       Permanent online listings for your practice. (See More Samples)

l      Follow-up advice and news bulletins sent periodically.



    EFT Basic Certificate of Completion:  $97.00 (USD) 
    EFT Advanced Certificate of Completion:  $97.00 (USD)
    EFT Certificate Packet (both exams together) $160.00 (USD)
    You can order both exams at the same time and take either of them any time within the next two years, but you must pass the the Basic Exam before taking the Advanced.

How To Get Started

     If you do not already own or have access to a set of Gary Craig's original Foundational Course ("The EFT Course") or his "Steps Toward Becoming The Ultimate Therapist" (necessary for the Advanced exam), the best way to order them is now along with the exam(s). Remember, you CANNOT order the EFT Certificate exams from Gary, but only from us.
  "My beautiful certificate arrived today safely, and in perfect shape."

Kjell Forsberg  (



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                     To order Gary Craig's "EFT Course" or
                      "Ultimate Therapist" Course
NOW click here

HINT: If you already have access to Gary's EFT (Basic) Course or his (Advanced) Ultimate Therapist Course, you may want to use the above link to buy some of his other advanced EFT videos on CD's.  If so, notice the 40% discount now offered.



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