EFT Certificate of Completion Program

(Introductory comments by Gary Craig)

A big thank you to Dr. Patricia Carrington for her quality work in creating two open-book examinations intended to increase the level of excellence in EFT.  They are: 

(1) The EFT Certificate of Completion program for the foundational home study course, the "EFT Course" (comprised of 13 hours of video, 4 hours of audio, and the EFT Manual). This introductory course is essential for those wanting a sound foundation in EFT as I teach it. While no specific credentials are required to use EFT, professionals will certainly recognize the value of having a Certificate of Completion that provides objective evidence that they have properly studied and thoroughly understand the classic "EFT Course".

(2) The Advanced EFT Certificate of Completion program is for our advanced video set known as "Steps Toward Becoming The Ultimate Therapist" (13 hours of video and 1 Transcript). It demonstrates that you thoroughly understand the art of delivery as presented on these videos, including the use of intuitive diagnosis and surrogate tapping. This video set is a major step forward in your mastery of the art and science of EFT.

Pat spent many months of careful work putting these quality programs together and, while I have no involvement in them (financial or otherwise), I wish to heartily endorse the Certificate of Completion Program and encourage you to explore it.

Please note that these EFT Certificates of Completion are options and apply only to the passing of the respective tests. They acknowledge that the Certificated person has studied the respective video sets thoroughly enough to be able to pass an exam regarding their contents. They are for those who, for professional reasons, find it useful to have such a Certificate (many people have asked me about this and, for them, this is a welcome feature). Possessing either the basic or the advanced certificate, however, does not authenticate or certify someone's ability to apply EFT. Mastery of this is an art, as you know, and the mere passing of an exam does not an artist make. 

With respect to the value of the EFT Advanced Certificate, I am reminded of my own perspective on the teaching of EFT. I find being a teacher of it something like being a swimming instructor wherein some students only want to float while others aim for the Olympics. If you only want to put your toes in the water, then our EFT introductory materials will get you started, and if you want to demonstrate your understanding of them the introductory exam will be sufficient.

The EFT Certificate Program's advanced examination, however, ensures that you have carefully studied a number of our full-scale training videos. These videos represent a high quality method of learning EFT that all active students of EFT should undertake (augmented wherever possible by quality workshops). 

Please assess your level of interest and then study the EFT materials that are appropriate for you. If you are only interested in a reasonable way to eliminate a headache or a bothersome memory then try our introductory materials.  To demonstrate your understanding of them you may want to also take the exam based on them and to attend an intro workshop.

If you are a health professional (or active student) you will want to get ALL of our video training materials and study them several times and may want to reinforce and demonstrate your learning by taking the open-book EFT-ADV exam based on them that directs your attention to salient points in the presentations. You will also want to attend several workshops. Compared to conventional techniques, quality training in EFT should easily double or triple the results you achieve with your clients. 

Hope this helps you to choose the course of action that is
suitable for you,